Rakhi Sawant Is Again In The Limelight After Her Controversy With Her Husband and Best Friend.

The latest reason for the drama queen Rakhi Sawant’s making headlines is that the actress has claimed to have approached Alia Bhatt and Vidya Balan to feature in her biopic.

Well, undoubtedly Rakhi’s life is no less than a film and it will be interesting to witness her life journey from where she started and how she ended up being what she is. But having Alia or Vidya Balan act in the film is a tad bit of an unbelievable dream for Rakhi. As a result, she is facing a lot of mockery for the same.

Although undoubtedly, Rakhi’s life is no less than a film, and it will be fascinating to view her biopic from the beginning to the end. But if Rakhi wants to see Alia or the actress Vidya in the film, her wish is a little bit irrational.


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