In Response To The Similarity To Cillian Murphy, Amy Jackson Finally Speaks Up

Amy Jackson sparked up controversy this week when she posted several pictures from her most recent outing, drawing comparisons with ‘Oppenheimer’ actor Cillian Murphy on social media.

Jackson has finally responded to the criticism related to her latest Instagram post regarding her appearance. Amy described it as “quite sad” in her response to the snide remarks about how she looked.

Amy said in a statement to The Times of India, “I’m an actor and I take my job very seriously. For the last month, I’ve been filming a new project in the UK. So, for the character I am playing, I had to slim down and fully commit myself to the role. The online outcry from the (mainly male) Indian demographic is quite sad. I have worked with male co-stars who had to drastically change their look for a film, and they were highly praised for it. The moment a woman does it through unusual hair and makeup that doesn’t conform to their idealism of beauty, they think they have the right to troll you.”

Amy expressed her “over the moon” joy at being compared to the ‘peaky blinders’ star, adding that she is eager to revive her Birmingham accent.


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