“They never cleared my final payment”- says Imran Khan when trolled over ‘Luck’ & ‘Kidnap’

Amir Khan’s nephew Imran Khan, who was last seen in the movie ‘Katti Batti’ opposite Kangana Ranaut, had recently replied to Zeenat Aman’s post when a fan commented, “Zeenat ji ne bhi comeback karlia, patani mera @imrankhan kab karega.” To this his answer was – “Chalo Aditi, let’s leave this to the internet… 1M likes, and I’ll make it happen.”

He even posted this on his Instagram Threads post- “To whom it may concern; I hear you. And I’m working on it. Thank you for being so patient with me.” A screenshot of this post was uploaded by him on his official Instagram account as well, to which a fan replied, ‘He finally found his password after 5 years’, as his last post on Instagram dates back to 20 September 2018.

After this happened, the audience was pretty convinced that he’d make a comeback in the industry after 8 years. But then a content creator shared a reel on Instagram stating how Imran Khan wanted the audience to choose whether he’ll come back into the industry or perhaps he was seeking validation via 1 million likes on that comment, otherwise he won’t.

To this post, Imran Khan clarified the audience’s doubt by stating- “The truth is, it was never about a million likes. I picked the number because it seemed unattainable, and since it would never happen anyway, I could just quietly retreat again, no questions asked. I didn’t count on all of you picking it up and carrying it forward… After all this time, I didn’t think anyone would still care enough to reach out and tell me they believe in me. Your love humbles me.”

Then, to the same post, another person commented – “1 million likes if y’all want Imraan Khan to return your money if you paid to watch Kidnap and Luck.” Commenting on this, Khan revealed a never-known detail of his film ‘Kidnap’, stating- “That money actually goes to the theatre owners first, then to the producers…as it happens, they never cleared my final payment on that film, so maybe we can all take the issue up with them?”


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