At the Miraj Cinemas in TGIP, Noida, Akelli, Nushrratt Bharuccha, and Tsahi Halevi steal the show.

During a special event today at Miraj Cinemas, The Great India Place, Noida, the stars of the upcoming movie ‘Akelli,’ Nushrratt Bharuccha and Tsahi Halevi, received the red carpet treatment from Miraj Cinemas, India’s third-largest and fastest-growing multiplex chain.

Nushrratt plays a “regular Indian girl” stranded in a war zone who is ferociously fighting for survival in the hotly anticipated thriller that will make its debut on August 25. Nushrratt was on-screen alongside ‘Fauda’ actors Tsahi Halevi and Amir Boutrous, and she was open about working with them. She expressed enjoyment for their well-known series and gave both performers high marks.

The movie, which was Pranay Meshram’s directorial debut, takes place in Iraq. ‘Akelli’ explores how a person finds inner fortitude when faced with trying situations, such as getting stuck in a harsh desert landscape. Nushrratt revealed the movie’s core, portraying it as a motivational and exciting story of a girl who finds herself in a dangerous circumstance without warning. She compared the movie to real-life situations and urged viewers to see it, saying, “Picture yourself in such a scenario—how would the girl behave, endure, or rise above?”

The third-largest and fastest-growing multiplex chain in India, Miraj Cinemas, provides its customers with unrivaled entertainment and dining options. With 182 screens spread across 60 theatres in 43 cities and 15 states, the firm is dedicated to providing outstanding movie-watching experiences. In addition, enthusiasm is building as Miraj Cinemas launches an expansion initiative to have more than 300 screens by FY24. The magic of Miraj Cinemas is intended to spread to even more cities with this expansion. Moviegoers can anticipate an extraordinary cinematic experience at Miraj Cinemas, which offers cutting-edge technology and unwavering excellence. Prepare yourself for a riveting and hypnotic voyage that will enthrall your senses.

Dashami Studioz’s Nitin Vaidya, Ninad Vaidya, Aparna Padgaonkar, Vicky Sidana, and Shashant Shah all contributed to the production of ‘Akelli’, which is given to live by their work. The movie promises an intense and memorable experience thanks to its compelling and significant subject. On August 25, this suspenseful movie will be released in theatres, so mark your calendars.


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