Ranbir Faces Backlash On Social Media For Wanting Alia To Take Off Her Lipstick.

Due to a viral video of Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt where she described how then-boyfriend and current husband Ranbir Kapoor would urge her to “wipe off” her lipstick because he loved her natural lip tint, actor Ranbir Singh is dealing with a lot of online trolls labeling him dominating and anti-feminist.

The 30-year-old actress expressed during a lipstick tutorial that her husband Ranbir Kapoor prefers her natural lip colour and tells her to “wipe off” lipstick. She scrapes her lipstick off after applying it for this purpose. She is heard stating in the video, “The reason I do this, I’ll tell you why is because a lot of times after eating I touch up my lipstick, I don’t know, I think something about sliding the lipstick over my mouth is just far more tedious as compared to moving my tongue across the lipstick.”

“I assumed that was simply something I figured out for myself and then I rubbed it off,” she continued. Because one thing my husband used to say when we used to go out at night—when he wasn’t my husband but was my boyfriend, “Wipe that [lipstick] off.” Clean that off.” mostly because he adores my lip’s natural color.

Netizens thought this was extremely toxic and criticized Ranbir, Several others also criticized Alia Bhatt for normalizing this oppressive conduct. The pair has not yet provided any official reaction to the situation.
As a result of the sharp reaction on social media, the Alia Bhatt video and Ranbir Kapoor trended on social media the entire day on Wednesday.


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