Deepshikha Deshmukh urges fans to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali

Producer Deepshukha Deshmukh is a staunch supporter of traditional, sustainable, earth-friendly practices that India once followed, be it in farming or consuming natural resources. She is a staunch believer in the benefits of clean eating, time-tested, natural, and organic recipes for beauty and wellness, and the benefits of staying bonded with the environment. But she also believes that to have a healthy relationship with mother earth, we must also do everything in our power to keep her healthy.

She says, “There is so much beauty in tradition, in celebrating festivals in the purest possible way without excess because that is how our ancestors did it. There was no rush to buy needless things, burst crackers, or do anything for effect. It was just about celebrating our faith in goodness, positivity, and light with simple gestures like praying, sharing our blessings, lighting diyas, and spreading joy. “

One of the reasons she has always taught her children to honour the earth is because they are going to inherit it. As she says, “Bursting crackers can be a personal choice but if our choice is hurting our children, animals, the environment, then we need to understand that our traditions did not ask for such a display of pollution . We can express our joy in more positive ways. By planting a tree or sharing a meal with someone in need, paying for someone’s education. Everything we do, our children are affected by it. Let us be mindful of our actions and celebrate Diwali with smiles, diyas, yummy food, and immense love for Mother Nature. Our kids and the planet will thank us for it.”


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