Check Out Some On-Set Images from Sehnoor’s Web Series ‘Fasal’ after Grand Poster Launch

“Nothing could make me happier as finally Fasal officially begins shooting,” Sehnoor said after her web series ‘Fasal’ finally started shooting.

The most anticipated web series ‘Fasal’, which was formally declared to begin production by Sehnoor and her crew at the poster launch event that garnered a lot of attention, is now about to be brought to life on the internet.

The web series’ poster was recently unveiled at an event in Chandigarh that included the entire cast and crew, including Sehnoor, the web series producer, as well as the actors Divjot Kaur, Chandandeep Gill, Shweta Sharma, and Ashish Duggal.

After the release of its poster, the shooting for the web series immediately. Sehnoor, Mehraaj, and Taj may be seen holding the ‘FASAL’ clapboard as they give us a preview of the web series filming. The journey of ‘FASAL’ began with its attention-grabbing poster, which drew people in. Viewers were intrigued and ready to learn more about the series as a result of the captivating images and interesting taglines.

While the specifics of the web series’ plot are being kept a secret, the first peeks shown in the poster point to a story that will shed light on the difficulties of rural life and agriculture. ‘Fasal’ promises to deliver thought-provoking programming that appeals to a wide spectrum of viewers by shedding light on these frequently ignored topics.


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