At the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, Rani Mukerji won the Best Actress Award for Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway.

Rani Mukerji kicked off the award season by winning Best Actress for her towering performance in Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway, and she is predicted to sweep all honors this year as her film was the first post-pandemic-themed film to become a smash!

Rani’s exceptional work in the movie was honored during the award ceremony in Melbourne. She is a great performer who excels at giving life to a variety of characters and leaving an impression on viewers.

“I feel immensely thrilled and grateful that Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway has been accepted and appreciated by viewers worldwide,” Rani said upon embracing the prize. It’s a global narrative about the strength of a mother’s Shakti. Winning the Best Actress Award is a real honor, and I gratefully acknowledge everyone’s acclaim and support for my performance.”

“As I’ve always said, accepting an award is like receiving love and appreciation from the people who watch my movies,” she continued. This Best Actress Award for Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway has a particular place in my heart because I received it here in Melbourne at the IFFM and it is my first award for the film. The concept in which we believed from the start has proven to have a worldwide influence, demonstrating once again that the language of good movie crosses all frontiers.”

“The film drew awareness on the issues experienced by young immigrant families in a foreign place, an issue that has been prevalent for years but garnered considerable attention with the release of Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway,” she continued. I hope that this prize motivates more people to view the video, raising awareness about the issue. I’d want to express my deepest appreciation to the IFFM judges for bestowing this accolade onto me. Winning it tonight in Melbourne makes it much more meaningful.”

Rani received the prize for her performance in the film Mrs. Chatterjee vs. Norway, in which she played a tough mom who battled a country to reclaim her children. The film was a box office smash, restoring faith in the power of content filmmaking in this post-pandemic era. Rani continues to dazzle on the big screen all around the world, and this coveted award cements her place as one of the most influential and admired performers of all time.


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