REVIEW: COMMANDO: the series lacks enthusiasm of ‘commando 3’.

The four-episode series, themed on nationalism and brotherhood, is directed, written, and created by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and is set to air on Disney + Hotstar on August 11th. Prem Parija, Amit Sial, Vaibhav Tatwawadi, Adah Sharma, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Mukesh Chhabra, and others feature in the action-thriller TV show.

The plot centers on an undercover mission in Pakistan that goes wrong and leads to Pakistan imprisoning one of the Indian army’s associates. Commando Kshitij, commando Virat’s best friend, is captured by the Pakistani army, therefore he makes the quick decision to rescue him from the enemy’s cover. As the world watches, everyone is looking up to Virat to save his friend and the prestige of his country at any cost as tensions between India and Pakistan rise.

The season begins with the standard India-Pakistan rivalry game. In that it’s the same narrative told by different actors, the series advances the plot of the Commando series. In the opening scene, the enemy nation has found a virus that can wipe out India in 24 hours, but RAW learns about this lethal weapon before it reaches India thanks to one of their spies who has been operating covertly in Pakistan.

Bhavna Reddy is prepared to join forces with the new Commando in town, and Adah Sharma plays her part with ease. Her super-cool friendship with Prem, her outstanding action sequences, and her Hyderabadi accent are bound to leave you wanting more.

Without a doubt, Andy Long, a renowned stunt choreographer who worked on Commando, contributed to the success of every move in the action scene which seems to be flawless. The action-packed sequence is one of the best parts of the entire series. The series also promises high-octane stunts and more.

When it comes to the protagonist, Prem Parija, who portrays the commando this time around, stands out in contrast to Jammwal, who made this role iconic with his excellent action sequences. Parija gives it his best shot, and while he occasionally displays some stiffness and has some difficulty managing his character’s challenging role, he is generally fine. However, he lacks the agility and grace to pull off these stunts as well as Jamwal can. This is a drawback of adding new actors to well-known brands; you are forced to continuously compare them to our cherished original artists since they never quite measure up.


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