Mahesh Bhatt Overwhelmed on Seeing His Daughter In The Bigg Boss House

When his daughter appeared on the Bigg Boss OTT platform for the family week, veteran director Mahesh Bhatt became emotional.

Bigg Boss is commemorating its “Family Week,” during which the contestants had the opportunity to see family members after spending a long time inside the house. In the Bigg Boss OTT live episode, Mahesh Bhatt, a well-known director, was welcomed into the house to meet his daughter Pooja Bhatt, who had successfully survived there.

During his time inside the house, the filmmaker spoke about his bond with Pooja, recalling how she became a pillar of support throughout his times of difficulty.

“I was only 23 when Pooja was born, and I didn’t have any money, and I was supposed to pay Rs 1200 in the hospital,” he revealed. “I was worried about how I would collect this much money. I first met Pooja’s mother at school when I was 16 years old.”

He further shared, “When she was born and I went to the hospital, her mother said, ‘Have you seen her?’ I went to see Pooja. She was in a glass incubator weighing 10 pounds and her face was all pink but her expression was angry and that never changed. All of us have been afraid of her since she was a little girl.”

Bhatt also appreciated Pooja Bhatt, revealing that throughout his difficult period, the actor stood up and became the family’s backbone. He said that Pooja took the initiative to pursue a modeling profession and even auditioned for several commercials. Her career in the modeling industry was needed as the family was going through difficult times.

Bhatt spoke with every member of the family during his visit and conveyed his affection for them. In addition, he advised contestant Manisha Rani. “Is shor meh khamoshi ke maayne samjo,” he said. He encouraged her to be genuine, to express her essence, and to avoid ever pretending to be someone she is not. Manisha was extremely moved by his earnest advice, and she broke down in tears.

Mahesh gave Manisha further motivation by pointing out that she still had a long journey ahead of her and that she had a bright future. His remarks served as a reminder to act carefully and take advantage of the possibilities that come her way.


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