Review- Hooda’s ‘Sergeant’: a huge letdown

Despite how intriguing the plot may seem, especially with the combination of depression and an emotionally unstable protagonist, the movie ‘Sergeant’ itself ends up being a major disappointment. There is no better incentive to watch this movie than Randeep Hooda. This film lacks excitement, drama, thrill, excitement, sadness, and all-around emotion.

You’ll be counting down the seconds in this 1 hour 45-minute film. The protagonist of this film is Sergeant Nikhil Sharma, who lost his leg while working on a case and was haunted by memories of the deaths of his informants. As a result of all of this, he became depressed and alcoholic, lost everything in his life—his leg, his girlfriend, his job, and the case—but continued to do everything in his power to finish the case because he believed that it would provide him with closure.

The movie’s aimless screenplay, which included scenes like his mother allegedly being abused, a wealthy white man operating a child prostitution ring, and an unidentified female assisting the millionaire in running the ring, generated random directions with no idea of how it would conclude.

No other reason to see this movie despite Randeep Hooda. No doubt that he is a really good actor. He is the only reason the movie can be endured.

“Sergeant” ,The movie Directed by Prawaal Rawan was released on JioCinema on June 30, 2023,With the star cast that includes Randeep Hooda, Sapna Pabbi, Adil Hussain and Arun Govil.

2/5 ⭐⭐


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