Akshay Kumar, most awaited film RAM SETU has now in theatres, and First day collection is also Growing.    The film showing good interest among recently releases as it is related to Indian heritage.

The idea to explore the thousands year older Indian heritage of Ram Setu, which is believed to be constructed by Lord Sri Rama himself, is good. Several facts about this ancient construction have been mentioned in the film, and enough research was done to showcase the details.

Telugu actor Satyadev gets a good role and is nice in his debut film. He gets to travel along with the protagonist throughout the film. There are a few exciting scenes like Akshay walking on Ram Setu, and a couple of chase sequences in the second half that grab our interest and are executed pretty well. The climax twist though routine, is presented in a fair manner.

One more huge drawback is the VFX work. Being such a biggie, the visual effects are wholly below-par, even hampering the impact. The cinematography by my friend Aseem Mishra is fine


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