‘Kalaastar’ Review: “I’m Struggling with Myself”- Honey Singh 3.0

Famous rapper and singer Honey Singh is back again after years of his long break, this time with his song Desi Kalakaar’s extension, that is, ‘Kalaastar’. This song features Sonakshi Sinha, and also marks a reunion for both Yo Yo Honey Singh and Sonakshi, as their last music video was ‘Desi Kalakaar’ itself, which was released 9 years ago.

In the video, we see the prior story going ahead, Sonakshi’s married and lives in Amsterdam and Honey Singh wants her back in his life, and so he flies to the place, sees her in a bar and tries to get her back. They end up in the same way as before, that is, running away in their car, police behind them. But this time they manage to escape and the video ends with Honey asking her where she wants to go, to which she answers “Saat Samundar Paar, to ‘Puerto Rico’ (Across 7 Oceans ‘Puerto Rico’).”

The story of this one is to continue in the next music video, and the audience cannot wait to watch and listen to it already. With over 56 million views across platforms in just 24 hours, this song is trending in over 20 countries! Although he started in 2003, Yo Yo Honey Singh’s fans are there to support him at any time.

Just some time back, when Honey Singh was asked about his comeback he stated, “It’s my third version because when I started, I started as Honey Singh. Then I became Yo Yo Honey Singh and then I disappeared for a bit because I got sick. now I’m back again but in a different version. I’m struggling to achieve the level, the prestige I had before. The struggle is still on. That is why we came up with ‘Honey Singh 3.0’. We have got mixed responses for it. I’m struggling with myself. I’m exploring myself because I haven’t made music for five years.”


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