When is Pankaj Tripathi’s Birthday? KNOW HERE

Big production houses like Dharma Productions and prestigious film magazines like FilmFare are all wishing Pankaj Tripathi, as apparently, according to them it’s his birthday today. There are numerous posts on ‘X’ (previously known as ‘Twitter’) today where Tripathi’s fans are wishing him happy birthday and showing their love for the star.

But the real question is whether it is his birthday today or not? In an interview, Pankaj Tripathi had himself revealed its answer stating that he has his birthday not once but twice ! There is an interesting story behind it. When he was a kid, he went to get admission in a school with his elder brother who didn’t remember his exact birth date. So instead of 28 September, which is actually the day Pankaj Tripathi was born, his elder brother said that it came on 5 September.

No matter, whether his birthday falls on 5th or 28th September, we wish him a very happy birthday and a great year ahead.


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