Adipurash: A Bummer Or A Smash

Adipurash, whose craziness was already at an all-time high before it was released, is currently playing in a theatre close to you. Kriti Sanon, Prabhas, Devdutta Nage, Saif Ali Khan, and Sunny Singh are the top stars playing a major role in this flick written and directed by Om Raut.

As promised, Lord Hanuman had a seat reserved in every cinema, adorned with flowers and garlands.
The film was supposed to be important as it is based on the story of lord Ram which is close to north India’s heart, culture and ethos. But sadly, it doesn’t come up to that expectation.

The dialogues are a curious mix and sound awkward as our mythological characters and deities are not expected to speak in such a language.

The chemistry between Kriti and Prabhas as Janaki and Raghava is good, but Devdatta naga portrayal of Bajarang is impressive. He is the ideal choice for the part due to his innocent appearance, strong physique, devotion, and playful nature.

There is an effort to combine action, adventure, drama, and humor in Adipurash which amuses at times, but at times fails.

Though the film is being severely criticized for its take on Ramayan, it can be said in its defence that Adipurash is a mythological film, and it would be unfitting to compare it to the actual Ramayan. Everything is not exactly like the actual one because it is only building itself on the sacred Ramayan.

The special effects and animation, as well as the modern style, may turn off the elderly, but young minds may even like it.

RATING- 2/5⭐⭐


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