Review Adipurush: Not living up to the mark?

Adipurush, a movie that went houseful on the day of release, is getting mixed reviews from the viewers. Some say it was good but an overwhelming response was bitterly critical and many say the original storyline has been distorted. If we go by the disclaimer, the movie’s story is inspired by the epic Ramayana and is said to be portrayed as close to it as possible, which again is questionable and open to debate. The cast- Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Devdutta Nage, and Sunny Singh did quite decent roles, but are facing huge criticism saying that their acting wasn’t up to the mark.

Though the graphics of the movie are  praiseworthy, they somehow do not fit in the larger storyline. The screenplay and dialogues are poorly written and are facing the wrath of audiences and critics alike. 

Throughout the movie, you won’t hear hailing of “Jai Shree Ram”, rather, the name given to the characters are “Raghav”, “Janaki”, “Shesh” and “Bajrang” instead of “Ram”, “Sita”, “Lakshman” and “Hanumana”. Surprisingly, the dialogues have Urdu words in a timeline which is set thousands of years back when the language didn’t even exist.

Talking about the storyline, the movie starts with Raghav, Shesh, and Janaki living in the woods during their ‘Vanwas’.

According to the story of Ramayan that we all have grown up listening to or watching, the three were living in a hut, but the movie shows a cave. Shortly, Ravan comes and kidnaps Janaki on a giant bat instead of the Pushpak vimana. The gold-made Lanka is shown black and dark in the film. 

The fact of the matter is that in Ramayan, no character is evil, but has human weaknesses. Even Ravan is shown as a learned devotee of Shiva, whose weakness destroys him.

Whereas, the film completely negates the overall aura of love and devotion which is heart and soul of the story of Rama.


There are a lot of other times in the movie, where the stories are mismatched with the Valmiki Ramayana, to which the producers claim to be inspired.

Overall, the movie gave a strong moral message of – Victory of dharma over adharma and that anyone should be scared to commit any atrocity against women.

Star Rating:- 2/5


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