Arun Govil calls Adipurush “A distortion of facts”

Arun Govil, the yesteryear’s actor who played Lord Ram in Ramanand Sagar’s very popular and now classic serial ‘Ramayan’ has severely criticized Om Raut’s ‘Adipurush’ which released yesterday.

The audience had very high hopes from the movie Adipurush, which, on the opening day itself, were dashed down drastically by the performance and content of the movie to a point where the audiences are now willing to boycott it. The movie claims to be as close to Valmiki’s Ramayana as possible, but it turns out to be misrepresenting the stories of Ramayana which we have grown up listening to or watching.

While Om Raut calls this film “his interpretation of Ramayana”, many things shown in it have now become objects for many memes. People are now complaining that the dialogues used in the film which have almost amount to hurting the audience’s sentiments.

Lanka shown black and dark, everyone calling Maa Sita and Lord Ram by their names – Janaki and Raghav without adding any respect, Lord Hanuman using unethical, rather cheap language, Shesh (Lakshman) getting cured using Sanjeevani medicine by a lady instead of Lankan Royal Physician Sushena, Lankesh’s giant bat instead of Pushpak viman- everything adds up to a complete distortion of the legendary and pious story of Ramayana.

Ghosts attacking Raghav, Shesh and Janaki, Lankesh getting massaged by snakes, Meghnath having tattoos all over his body, Lankesh making a scene to mock Raghav by creating fake Janaki are a few scenes which were never even mentioned in the original Valmiki Ramayana.

The furore over the quality if the film is so strong that even Arun Govil, who played Ram in Ramayana serial has come down very heavily on the film stating-
“Does anyone shake the roots of oneself? There’s no need to give fresh perspectives to our well established and dharmic beliefs. I will always put in efforts to showcase this generation and the upcoming generation what is right, authentic and belongs to our Sanatan Dharma. Who gave them the right to contort and play with our religious sentiments? Some filmmakers, some writers, some painters, some actors, some advertisers should keep in mind that in the name of creative liberty, do not make fun of our culture.”


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