‘Sultan Of Delhi’, Cliché and Overdramatic

Released on Disney+ Hotstar, ‘Sultan Of Delhi’ is an action-drama web series set at the time of the India-Pakistan partition, and revolves around the story of a prince named Arjun, who, at the start of the series, lives in a mansion Lahore. His father trusts people when they suggest him to move to India. The same day, their family gets attacked, and only Arjun and his father are left to leave for India.

Amidst their journey, their train gets attacked, and we get to see the teenage Arjun saving himself and his father, deboarding the train safely and ending up in a situation totally opposite to their prior lifestyle. Now, scenes like these have been shown before, and you can very well guess what’s going to happen next, that is, Arjun being the hero for the people, getting them food, having big dreams and growing up to be an overconfident and heroic person.

Then, there’s another story in parallel, of Nishant Dahiya’s character, Rajinder Pratap Singh, who is, again a prince influenced by his late father’s mistress Shankari (Anupriya Goenka). Her character hasn’t been given much of depth and the intimate scenes in the series seem to be too much, which could’ve been done without the over drama. Mouni Roy, too is a part of this series. She comes midway in the story, playing the character of a dancer at a Calcutta nightclub, and the story takes an unnecessary turn and results in a bank robbery scene.

Overall, after watching all of the 9 episodes, you probably wouldn’t have the feeling that you watched something brilliant or extraordinary. Yes, the direction, costumes and sound effects are worth appreciation, but the storyline could’ve gone a better direction.

Rating- 2/5


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