Did Elvish Yadav Cost Salman Khan 3.5M Followers??

For the first time in Big Boss OTT’s history, YouTubers have created difficulties for the host.

Social media users and Elvish’s fans have been criticizing Salman Khan for reprimanding him during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss OTT.

Bigg Boss is a popular reality program in India that is known for exposing the true selves of celebrities. Its host, Salman Khan, is well-liked and is mostly credited for the success of the show. However, due to some YouTubers that have massive support systems, it has lately attracted multiple controversies. Salman Khan reprimanded Elvis Yadav for insulting another contestant Bebika Dhurve in the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, which didn’t go down well with Elvish’s fans. The episode sparked a lot of discussion among the general public on social media.

A few days after the Weekend Ka Vaar episode was aired online, Elvis Yadav’s fans expressed their anger at Salman Khan for ‘insulting’ the YouTuber in the house.

Some media agencies have also noted that Salman Khan’s Instagram followers were getting involved in the Elvish
V/S Salman controversy. Some reports have uploaded screenshots of the number of Salman Khan’s followers going down. While Elvish recently passed the 10 million follower mark on Instagram, and he appreciated his Instagram family for this.


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