Rakhi Sawant Imitating Uorfi Javed’s Dressing Style and Malaika Arora’s Walk

Known for being in the media’s eyes all the time because of her peculiar entertainment style, Rakhi Sawant is back as one of her videos is going viral on the internet wherein she can be seen walking like Malaika Arora and dressed as Uorfi Javed.

In one video, she gets out of her car in neon green bottoms and shoes, but in a big reusable produce bag as her top with only her eyes visible. The paparazzi were addressing her as Uorfi and told her that it’s her birthday today, to which Rakhi said, “Let’s dedicate this one to Uorfi. Happy Birthday to Uorfi.”

Then in another video, she can be seen imitating Malaika Arora. As the paps said, “Malaika please wait”, she turned around giving a mocking expression, showing her hand and afterwards telling the media that she was going to meet Arjun Kapoor, and then started calling out his name.

The people in the comments were all spreading hate, making fun of her, and expressing that they were getting the second hand embarrassment from her acting.

One comment goes- “What the hell is going on with this lady? The problem is people who are filming her, if they stop she will go crazy.” And another one- “Yeh or malika se comparison kr rhi ….???(Is she comparing herself to Malaika???)”


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