“The story of ‘A Thursday’ is told very beautifully”, Atul Kulkarni

Since Kulkarni speaks multiple languages. So naturally, we wanted to know the differences and he found challenges he faced. To which he answered, “There was no such challenge. Different languages are a part of the culture of different states. The film industries are based on their respective cultures. So, I don’t feel any kind of challenge while working in them. You just have to work as per their culture.”

Being curious about the industry we asked him about limitations that he found in Hindi film industry, to which he simply said, “there are no limitations.”

We wanted to know what inspired the industry which is focused more on commercial cinema. To which his answer was, “I think we make films for people and one should do whatever it takes to inform people about your product.”

Next, we asked him what his take is on the fact it has become difficult to work in creative fields without being influenced or restricted by politics. He replied to us by saying, “There are certain scripts that you can do. Whatever script come your way as an actor, you can only do that. You can just choose from what is offered to you. So I haven’t found any problem of that sort while doing it. At least, I haven’t faced any kind of political restrictions till now.”

SInce Rudra is a remake of Luther we asked him “Luther is an intricate series. Do you think Rudra will do justice with it?” He answered the question by saying, “According to me, it will do more than justice because we Indians are very good with emotions and the complexities that come along with different emotions. When I saw Rudra, I felt it is much better than Luther.”

We also enquired about his inspiration for acting, to which he told us. “It keeps on happening. When you are in a creative field you shouldn’t be afraid of getting inspired. You should get inspired by as many things as possible. So it’s absolutely fine.”

To know him even better we asked if his childhood dream was being an actor. His answer was, “no, I didn’t have any particular career choice as a child. While I was in college I found that I liked acting. So I enrolled in NSD and then came to Mumbai.”

A Thursday has performed really well. We wanted to know how did he feel working in that film He told us, “The most important thing is the story. And the story of ‘A Thursday’ is really good and it is told in a very beautiful way. So, when the script and characters are that good then there is no need to do something extra, only those things are sufficient enough.”

We would like to see him soon in his new role, so we asked about his upcoming project to which he told us, “There is Rudra, which has been released on Disney plus Hotstar.”


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