Actor Manav Soneji (fame Phitkari in Kaatelal & Sons) in conversation with Mishti Ohri, Filmytree

Q1. How did acting happen to you?

Maybe it was destiny’s call. I used to tell my father I’m not interested in studies. From the start I used to be a backbencher. Later on i started doing Martial arts and in 2014 i had a major surgery and the doctor told me I couldn’t continue Martial arts. It was the only thing for me for my career. But jab woh bhi nahi ho paya toh I asked my dad ki i want to try acting. Give me 3 months in acting. By god’s grace i got a role in serial Bal Gopal. And it’s been 9-10 years and it’s going on.
I never thought of being an actor, frankly. It’s all destiny.

Q2. Who was the one who influenced you the most?

There was no celebrity as such but I’d say my mom and dad. Even today when I earn anything, i just give it to them. They have really supported me a lot.

Q3. Which genre in acting do you feel is most suited for?

See i started with Bal Gopal serial, toh usne it was just a normal guy. But in my 2nd show, tedi medi family where i played Vikcy, it was comedy. And jaise hi director told me ki it’s a comedy show and  i started acting, day 1 then day 2, the director told me ki mein aage comedy hi Karu. And till date I’ve always done comedy and it’s very suitable for me and people tell me that I suit it the most. So yeah, Comedy.

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