“The challenges and hardships have made my journey fulfilling”, Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi is a name in Bollywood known to everyone. An actor we have all seen grow on our screens from his role in Run to Gangs of Wasseypur and now in Bacchan Pandey. The actor has impressed critiques and fans equally with his talent and screen presence. But that is all that everyone knows; we wanted to know more than the surface level knowledge about the actor. This is what motivated us to reach out to him to get some insights into his life, professional and a little bit personal. Here are some excerpts from our conversation with Pankaj Tripathi.

Journey from Run to Bachchan Pandey

This was quite a journey. It was full of challenges and hardships, and because of that, it has been really amazing; I got to learn many things, and I have had many experiences which made this journey worthwhile. I don’t have any regret as of now. And I feel thankful for that.

Interests in Bhojpuri Cinema

I don’t receive offers now, but I did receive a few in my early days, but since I didn’t like the stories, so I denied them. I do want to work in the Bhojpuri industry, but I want the story to be great as it is my mother tongue.

Views on the difference between the Mumbai Film industry and the theatre world in Delhi

Working in theatre is very satisfying because it’s a different medium. Both the films and theatre have their pros and cons. Although we cannot compare the two mediums, but the commonality between the two is acting. In one medium, a lot of machines and equipment are used as compared to others. There is a slight difference in the way you work, which you have to understand carefully. Theatre is about the stage; the film is about shots. In theatre, the reach of your performance is to the people sitting in the auditorium at that given time, and in movies, your performance can reach to a large audience at the same time.

Preparation for roles

For the past 12 years, I have been learning acting only. I have been practicing this for the past 20 years. There are different methods to approach different kinds of roles. Every script consists of guidance on how to approach this character, along with that and many conversations with the director and writer, and my interpretation creates a character.

Views on Digital medium in the industry

I think it’s really great. Everything needs to go through a change to grow. The growth of digital medium has provided platforms to many good stories and people, which probably wouldn’t happen otherwise. Another benefit of it is the reach which it provides; we can watch cinema from all over the world. With the advent of OTT, performers are able to get more work, and we are able to see more interesting stories and characters.

Life’s philosophy

I would never want that; other people should follow my philosophy as I am not a philosopher. My philosophies change all the time depending on the experience. If today, I believe that this one way of working is the best one, then tomorrow it is subject to change based on my experience. The way of thinking keeps on changing throughout the life. Whatever values or beliefs which I have as of now it’s based on my experience; it might not be bright for someone else. I believe in ‘Live and Let me Live’. The opinion of everyone else is as important as that of mine.

Changes after stardom and fame in life

I wouldn’t say that it has brought any changes per se. But I have to go out wearing a mask. I feel very bad if someone wants a photograph with me and I am not able to do that. But the concern is at present; it gets so crowded that it is not possible to have a picture with everyone, and there are security reasons as well.

Upcoming projects and films

Currently, I am shooting for Fukrey 3. Apart from that, there is a film called Sherdil produced by Reliance Entertainment, and there is Amazon Prime Video series as well. There is also OMG 2.


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