INTERVIEW: Vartik Rohilla Shares His Life’s Story, and Much More…

Hello and welcome to FilmyTree. I am Mishti Ohri, and today I have with me, Vartik Rohilla, who’s known for his role in the Amazon Mini series- Crimes Aaj Kal as Dhruv.

Q1. How did acting happen to you?

A. It all started in college. In my first year, I was very much into sports and martial arts. I have also played nationals in martial arts. So, in my college, growing up I didn’t have any idea about acting. I just used to watch Hindi films, and during that time, in college itself, I found a friend who used to do theatre, and he used to tell me everything about it. Then one day, I missed a class and went with my friend to the theatre, saw their rehearsals and I got completely interested in that. It was 2019, and then I told my father that I wanted to try my hand at acting. He didn’t say no, but asked me to complete my degree first. Then I completed my education, and first I gave an audition on MTV in Noida in 2021. There I cleared the first level, and met people who were from Mumbai and were actors. I gained a lot of knowledge about the film city from them, then I came back to Jaipur, told my father about it, and what my father said was that if I wanted to go into acting, I should know it and learn it first. He gave me a time of one month to research on acting institutions in Mumbai, and that’s what I did. I learned how to act, and life took a different way from then.

Q2. How did you get your first break then?

A. After I completed my acting course, my life was the same as other actors. I struggled, gave auditions, and went from place to place with my profile. Then I met a casting director- Sunil Shakya, who had done casting for The Kashmir Files. He was looking for a cast for a show that had to be released on Amazon Mini, named ‘Crimes Aaj Kal’. So, my look was matching with a character from the series, and he asked me to give the auditions, which I did and got selected within 30 minutes.

Q3. What was that one major thing which influenced you to take up the character ‘Dhruv’?

A. Actually this genre of crime has always been my favourite, and when I talk about the character ‘Dhruv’, he’s a very simple kid, who’s growing just like a normal kid. But the people and kids around him are rich, cool and so on. So, when I read the character, the way he thinks and feels had to be kept in mind.

-So it was the simplicity of the character which made you choose it, right?


Q4. Who was your inspiration?

A. My father because he always supported me and inspired me.

Q5.Which genre of acting do you think you’re most suited for?

A. As an actor, I think you should have a hand in everything, but I like tragedy.Q6. Tell us something about your upcoming projects?A. As of now, I have shot one with MTV, and then I have a project of Jio Cinema. I cannot reveal all the details, but yeah. That’s it.


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