“I feel my basic personality suits the more serious and intense kinds of roles”, Indraneil Sen Gupta

When it comes to acting Indraneil Sen Gupta is a person whose capabilities you can not. He plays characters that hold the audience. And we are not talking just about the attention. We are talking about the emotions that one projects when watching something. This got us curious, and to share our curiosity with you, we spoke to him. We have brought forth a glimpse in the life of Indraneil Sen Gupta. An insight into his persona and experiences.

Since we talked about the experience, it became essential for us to know his experiences of “Human” and “Aranyak” he shared those with us, saying’ “Working in both Human and Aranyak has been a very satisfying experience. I got the opportunity to work with very competent directors like Vipul Shah, Mozez Singh and Vinay Waikul, and they helped me perform at the level I have. Also, I was surrounded by brilliant actors in both the projects and for an actor, it’s a blessing to have powerful co-actors as it helps in getting the best out of you.”

To explore further, we also asked about how he connected to his character of a photojournalist in “Human”, to which his answer was, “I am aware of a photojournalist’s life and struggle from stuff that I have read. Also, my directors guided me through the process. And since I am an avid photographer myself, the comfort of the camera was a plus. I absolutely enjoyed playing Neil in human.”

Talking about character got us thinking about his personal choice of character, to which he told us, “As an actor, I enjoy playing any and all kinds of characters. But everyone has a comfort zone, and I feel my basic personality suits the more serious and intense kinds of roles.”

Doing your job becomes easier if you have good co-workers, so we enquired about his work experience with Raveena Tandon in Aranyak; he answered by saying, “Working with Raveena was fun. I didn’t have too many scenes with her, but she was very warm and friendly on and off the sets. Thanks to her, we all went for one of the best local lunches when we were shooting in Manali.”

We definitely want to see more of his acting, so it was natural to ask about his future projects, for which his answer was, “Trailer of Mithya is out on Zee5. I am working on two more OTT shows and a couple of films at the moment.”

It doesn’t matter what your profession is. You face challenges in your workspace. We asked about the challenges he has faced on Bollywoood, to which he said, “I wouldn’t call them challenges, but Bollywood is a very competitive space, and you always need to be on your toes to be able to make a mark. I feel the industry is constantly evolving and more than the entry, the challenge is in staying relevant over the years, and I try very hard to do that.”

We also talked about challenges he faced as an actor, to which his answer was, “I am a Bengali, convent educated and brought up in the west of India. So I am proficient in all three languages, English, Hindi and Bengali. Of course, my Bangla is not as good as a Kolkata person, but my parents speak Bangla at home, and so I am pretty decent at that. Language, thankfully, has not been a problem yet.”


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