“I dreamed of becoming an IPS officer, before realizing my true calling”, Kranti Prakash Jha

Bollywood is full of many talented actors, one of those talented actors is Kranti Prakash Jha. We talked to him to find out about his journey and his acting carrier. He started by telling us about his journey saying, “My journey is like ‘Log judte gaye, karwaan banta gaya’. First studying in Bihar and then Delhi. After a while on that path, I realised this is not what I want to do. After realizing my passion, I moved to a new place which I had no idea about, starting from zero. The statement ‘Log judte gaye, karwaan banta gaya’ ideally summarizes my journey.”

We also wanted to know about when he decided to be an actor, was it since his childhood. He answered the question by saying, “I wanted to be a bureaucrat like my father and to be specific; I wanted to be an IPS officer. When I enrolled in Hindu college, in my first year, I wrote in my dorm room, ‘Kranti Prakash Jha – Bharatiya Police Sewa’. And the children in Bihar have a thought process of getting into politics and bureaucracy, and I guess each of them appears in UPSC at least once in their lifetime. I also attempted and didn’t clear the first time. By then, some of my friends have already shifted to Mumbai and were very big names now, some in writing, acting, etc. They asked me to come to Mumbai and stay with them for a month. After that, I never returned to Delhi. I started enjoying the whole process of this field. While preparing for UPSC, I realized that something was missing. But after attending the creative group for two weeks in Mumbai, one fine day, I realized my true calling and then informed my parents about it.”

Everyone receives inspiration from somewhere or someone we wanted to Kranti’s inspiration. To which he told us, “I would say Mr. Bachchan and I also dedicate my ‘Vijay’ to Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. That character is immortal, so the inspiration came from there in hope that people remember this ‘Vijay Singh’.” He also added, “I also dream of sharing the frame with Mr Bachchan at some point in my life.”

Since he has closely seen Bollywood and Bhojpuri Cinema so we wanted to know is his opinion on the differences between the two. To which he said, “I have never really liked the term Bollywood because I have always asked people to call it the Hindi film industry, then Bollywood. As for recognition, it comes from Hindi Film Industry, but I am very rooted, and I take pride in the language from Bihar. The main problem with Bihar is the people get successful and accomplished, but they leave their culture behind. The people’s perception is Bihar is not among the best, and the thing responsible for that is the regional cinema. Most of the films made in Bihar has created a stereotyped image for a person from Bihar.” He also added by saying, “I am looking forward to the day when the films from Bihar and in the Bhojpuri language will create a difference in the industry. There are people in Hindi cinema who are examples and idols to many people coming from Bihar.”

Further, we talked about Raktanchal,  asking him what do you find the main differences between real and reel life? To which his answer was, “Similarities in Vijay Singh and Kranti Prakash Jha would be they both love their families, both have them have respect for their and nation and wants to serve the same, both of them want to do UPSC, and both of them stand by what’s right and against wrong.”

 He also said, “After this, Vijay Singh took the wrong path, full of violence and wrongdoings, but I am a non-violent kind of a person. I can only kill a mosquito.” Talking about his character, he said, “But, the character of Vijay Singh is being appraised, and people really love it.”

Since we started the topic of characters, we wanted to know his preference of characters. To which he told us, “I want to do all the Nav Ras. I don’t want to tie myself to a particular kind of a character. I want to explore all types of characters. My aim is to deliver all kinds of emotions through my craft to the audience.”

He also told us about his upcoming projects, “As per the response, I think there should be a Season 3 as well for Raktanchal. There is another series named ‘Bindiya’, in that I have played the character of a lovable cop. It is a kind of character which I haven’t played till now. Then there is ‘Prithvi Raj Chauhan’.

We were curious about his ‘Ek Baat Kahun’ on Insta. So, we asked about it and he answered. He told us by saying, “I was always fond of writing, and everything which I write is something which I have felt in my life at one point or the other. Most of it consists of love and romance, or something which motivates people.” He also said, “I shared one of my writes up with a friend of mine ‘Hinal’. She gave me the idea to share this to the audience. And my mother used to say this ‘Ek tho baat kahio’, which became the base for ‘Ek Baat Kahun’. Hence it happened, and people are loving it till now.” He also said, “Right, it is Instagram only, but maybe in future, I would convey it through YouTube or other means.”


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