Payal Ghosh: I am blessed with a good skin type which don’t need lots of makeup all the time

You are an actress who have done movies in different languages, what are the advantages and disadvantages of knowing multiple languages

“As an Actor, I work with different industries and in different languages I feel it’s always an advantage because I get to learn different languages from different sets of mentality so it’s always an advantage to work with different people who speaks different languages.” She also mentioned that ‘they enjoy a lot in different set of different regions.

You have started your carrier on your own, we have seen you working hard and very self-depended what will you say about nepotism?

Yes, nepotism is there we can’t deny the fact, but I believe luck is more important in this industry than anything else. We have seen Anushka Sharma, Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar who are not from Bollywood background they have started from scratch and they are doing extremely very well and even Kangana Ranaut so at the end of the day audience is going to appreciate the work you have done not the background you belong to.

Would you like to talk about your future project?

I am doing a film called Jai Mata Di with Sagar Verma that will go on floor next month and apart from that I’m in talking terms with many projects which I can’t discuss right now because I’ve not signed it yet, but you will come to know the updates in a month or two.

So, the project you are doing right now would you like to talk about it?

It’s a satire comedy and it is related to God Ma’s, sas we have many God Ma’s in our country and its not related to any character or any real God Ma is that we are trying to make comedy out of this.

We have seen your Instagram, we have seen you onscreen you are very glamorous, someone whose hair is nicely done properly dress so how are you as a person off screen?

I am very normal girl in comfortable dress without makeup because I feel that ones skin needs to breath. Also, I try to be as natural as possible and I am blessed with a good skin type which don’t need lots of makeup all the time.

So, are we going to see Payal Ghosh as a content creator on YouTube someday?

No, I haven’t planned something for YouTube yet and I don’t have time for that so not now maybe someday later.


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