Minissha Lamba reveals she was unaware of backstories of other characters

Actress Minissha Lamba, who portrayed Mahi in the film ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno,’ said of the moment: “It was a turning point in my career.”

As the movie neared its 15th anniversary, the actress recalled how she immediately accepted Siddharth Anand’s offer to helm the production after receiving it. She admitted that she only received her portion of the screenplay, she said “I was unaware of the stories of the other characters. I only received my screenplay, but I had a general idea of the plot. Therefore, the specifics, particular scenes, songs, and everything else were reserved for the actors and crew and I first saw them on screen during the play.”

In addition, the 38-year-old actress describes her on-screen bond with Kapoor, “Ranbir was quite quiet and kept to himself at that point when we were shooting. We didn’t talk much, but as soon as the camera started rolling, there was a new ease and chemistry. In truth, we only needed a few takes, and our photos were usually finished in the third at most, she recalls.

Along with various other memories from the production, she reminisced how “Showing Mahi as a young girl, going on a holiday, that too overseas, discovering the love of her life… it’s all that happens in movies. It was a lot of fun, especially the adventures that gave us the chance to try out new thrills like riding a roller coaster on a glacier and jokingly stealing chocolates from a store to fit the scenario.”


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