In the forthcoming film ‘The Archies’,directed by Zoya Akhtar, Koel Purie discusses the dedication of the star kids.

In Zoya Akhtar’s movie The Archies, actor and author Koel Purie plays the part of Alice Cooper. In an interview with HT, the ‘Everybody Says I’m Fine’ actress talked about the star kids Suhana Khan, Agastya Nanda, and Khushi Kapoor’s dedication to the project.

The actress has also voiced her appreciation for the budding artists, noting both their hard work and the challenges that their well-known family origins provide.

“They may not be that focused over a long period of time. I do not know about that, but they are extremely focused and know they have to work hard. Especially with these kids, the pressure that they have – coming from film families. (They know that) Everyone is saying ‘Oh, they just got it easy because of their last names’. They (the star kids) understand that. They understand that this is an opportunity for them and if they have to make good use of it, they have to pull themselves up. They know that and work hard for it. I love that! I love that they are unabashedly ambitious,” Puri remarked.

In response to a question on whether she is playing Suhana Khan or Agastiya Nanda’s mother in The Archies, Koel stated,“Neither. I play Bettie Cooper’s mom -Alice Cooper. No two moms are the same…the emotion of being a mom and the one-sided, unrequited love is universal. And, that is something Bollywood catches very well. There are, of course, changes depending on the situation and character. However, this one-way love in mothers is universal. Playing a mother being a mother brought in a whole another layer to it.”

Purie also discussed her newest book, which is based on her own cinematic career, as well as her experiences working with celebrity kids. She was addressing on the sideline of her book launch at The Quorum in Gurgaon. In addition, she revealed that SRK’s daughter Suhana Khan will assist her in releasing her book in Mumbai.

Koel reflected on her early film career and stated,”I was a crossover actor before this boundary became fluid. I just wanted to cross over, never wanted to be a crossover actor or something. Now with OTT, shorts and all that boundaries are blurred and there are roles for every age of woman and man. There is a demand for every kind of face, socio-economic background…because here they can’t imagine you act …they believe you have to look like or come from similar background will have to be cast…now, even that kind of diverse options are available with various platforms. I wanted my own dream sequences and I done all those films which were complete disasters…I wanted all that, that attention of the masses”


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