Arjun Kapoor shares some emotional memories of his beloved dog.

Arjun Kapoor conveyed heartbreaking news to his Instagram followers on Thursday. In a touching Instagram post, Arjun shared various images and videos of his pet dog Maximus, eliciting condolences and memories of the deceased.

Actor Arjun Kapoor is devastated by the loss of his beloved dog, “Maximus.” On the following day, he wrote an impassioned letter. “The best boy in the world… My Maximus… The kindest the sweetest the bravest the warmest the bestest… I miss u mera bacha… Our home is never gonna be the same ever now… I hate that u were taken from ansh n me so suddenly I don’t know how to sit at home and not have u around…,” he stated.

Furthermore, he said “Death has been cruel to us many times over and this time feels no different… Thank u for all the joy u gave @anshulakapoor & me in the good days and bad…I hope you fubu chocolate & Mom watch over us… take care my friend rest well sleep easy enjoy all ur treats now… I will see u on the other side my Maxxxxuuu.

Anshula Kapoor, his sister, expressed her sorrow by stating that “home is not the same without you.”


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