Saba Azad Shows Off Her Boyfriend’s “Special Talent”

Saba Azad showed her lover Hrithik Roshan’s unique skill of capturing her mid-bite on camera.

The Dil Kabaddi actress proudly displayed the oh-so-beautiful candid photos that Hrithik takes of her on Instagram, where Saba showed up in her usual glam mode for what appeared to be one of their numerous vacations and highlighted her boyfriend’s talent.

In a series of pictures posted to her social media accounts, Saba can be seen savoring a nice lunch. She was spotted eating bacon and eggs while Hrithik sat in front of her and snapped her pictures.

“Oh “sus scrofa domesticus” how do I love thee.. let me count the ways !! In other words – if you can’t find me look near the bacon!! Image by @hrithikroshan who has a special talent for catching me mid bite can’t complain though, there can never be enough photos of women eating!! Wolf on ladies!! Yummy yum yum!!” she wrote.


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