We bring you a glimpse of Nora Fatehi’s birthday celebration and some details about how yet another exciting year is shaping up for her

Actor, Dancer, Singer and Entrepreneur Nora Fatehi who turned a year younger today, has had the most exciting year! Finishing off last year with a sensational performance at the FIFA World Cup, Nora has been scaling heights and making a mark, wherever she goes.

Capping this birthday with her core group of friends, she invited them to join her in Dubai to celebrate her big day. They all showed their support by coming together from different parts of the world, to make this day count for her and make it special.

Nora will be seen in lead roles in commercial films in the year 2023 and will also be releasing some exciting collaborations on her independent music front. She says, “It’s the year where I’m getting to work with people I’ve always wanted to work with on projects with great scope. I’m doing everything in my ability to perfect my craft and give it my all as an actor while simultaneously working on my craft as a performer towards my international independent music projects. This will be the year where there will be plenty of multitasking – and I’m sure it’s going to be worth it.”


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