Shalin Bhanot’s ex-wife Dalljiet Kaur finds a soul mate and weds in March.

A few months ago, Daljit Kaur, the ex-wife of Shalin Bhanot, engaged to Nikhil Patel, a U.K.-born finance professional. In the month of March, Dalljiet will move to London with her son Jaydon after she exchanged rings with Nikhil. The couple will exchange rings in Nepal and will take their vows there. After they get married, they will move to London together.

When Nikhil is placed in Kenya for work, Dalljiet will move with her kid to Kenya, but after a few years, he and his wife will move to London. ‘Kulvaddhu’ actress also revealed that she met Nikhil at a party hosted by a common friend in Dubai, and they fell in love with each other because they were both passionate about children. In addition, the actress said that she noticed that Nikhil had blue nail paint on his toes.

As she inquired about it, he replied with a feeling of pride: “I am a proud father of two girls.” According to Dallasjiet, who quoted News 18 as saying: “Romance was not in the air back then; it was just two single parents chatting. Over time, love happened. She explained that while Nikhil’s youngest daughter Anika lives with her mother in the U.S., it was her love for her children that connected us.”


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