Vikram Singh and Simran name their son Shauryaveer at a beautiful naming ceremony

The naming ceremony of Ranjha Vikram Singh” and Simran Kaur son happened and the young bloke has been named Shauryaveer Singh. It’s a blissful time for anyone becoming a parent and we saw the pictures which just stole our hearts. We have prayers and wishes coming from all corners of the world literally for the lovely couple and the new addition to the family. Ranjha was visibly emotional during the entire ceremony and rightly so. This is a once in a lifetime moment and the families happiness truly knows no bounds.

We spoke to a seemingly emotional ranjha and here is what a father spoke, “It’s a moment that will come once in everyone’s life. This is auspicious. Everything from here on for my child. He has been a blessing truly for all of us. I had only heard how fatherhood changes an individual. I can experience that each moment. Everything is like a peek into my childhood and the small needs and wishes. The unfettered smile that we all loose eventually in life just comes back with a kid. Thank you all. Show my boy the same love and more that you all have been giving me. And please shower your blessings. Love to all.”

We would leave Ranjha at that. That’s a happy one from us to you. Have a great time ahead everyone. The year is ending and lets all make the most of it.


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