Thar: The Western noir film that runs like a folk tale 

It is not like any other Hindi thriller. There are no loud dialogues, music or even colours. There’s a desert-dusty look to the entire film. ‘Thar’ as is apparent, has the desert and border town at the backdrop. The rugged rusticity of the desolate land is reflected not only in the visuals but also the way the characters carry themselves and their brief succinct dialogues which are well, written by the seasoned director Anurag Kashyap. 

It may not be liked well by our Hindi audience. And most of the reviews too say that it fails to carry that Hollywoodian Western touch. But well, it is not entirely the western film. The end of the film very deftly turns this apparent revenge drama into a folk tale- the tale with a practical yet moral lesson. 

For the first time Anil Kapoor plays his age and as always comes across as impressive. Satish Kaushik is impressive too. Harshvarrdhan has very little dialogues and he satisfactorily conveys through silent intensity. 

The most laudable actor is Fatima Sana Sheikh. Without saying much she successfully portrays a sad lonely woman without child who is frequently bashed up by her husband and who without any hesitation decides to opt for a better life.  

The director Raj Singh Chaudhary should be praised for this remarkable effort which gives the Western style of filmmaking a desi touch and takes it a step farther, although the film does carry an indelible imprint of Anurag Kashyap’s directorial style too. 


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