In The Middle Of The Flight, Cardi B Repairs Her Wardrobe Malfunction

The well-known rapper Cardi B recently encountered a wardrobe issue in the middle of an airplane journey, but there is no fashion emergency that Cardi B can’t handle. Fortunately, she had some TikTok hacks saved in her head to put to the experiment.

The Grammy winner released a sincere video to X, on Tuesday, demonstrating how she and her team handled the situation expertly.

While a member of Cardi’s squad tries to tuck a few inches of her silver bodycon dress in by wrapping a bundle of cloth with an elastic knot, Cardi can be seen hiding her bare chest.

Cardi provides a 360-degree picture to the camera of the outcome after the short remedy miraculously fixes the issue.

“So my stylist wasn’t on the plane with me so Patience and my makeup artist did this TikTok hack to take my dress in… would you try this??? Teamwork makes the dream work!!!” she wrote in the video’s caption.


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