There is no pressure from the family to have a baby, Vicky Kaushal exults.

In one of his interviews with Radio City, the ‘Uri’ actor Vicky Kaushal discussed whether his or Katrina’s families are pressuring the couple to have children.

About a baby, the host questioned the actor about whether any family members have been bugging him for “good news.”

Vicky Kaushal declined any such thing. He continued by saying that no family member was putting any sort of pressure. He said, “Koi bhi nahi daal raha. Vaise bade cool hain”. ‘(We are not under any pressure. They are cool people..)’.The actor also asserted that he talked to his parents about dating Katrina to support his claim. “The first ones to know at home were my mother and father.” He claimed.

Vicky Kaushal is currently busy promoting his movie The Great Indian Family. The actor, who is wed to Katrina Kaif, has always been outspoken about his feelings for his wife.


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