I can’t find apartment on rent in Mumbai because the way I dress says, Actress Urfi Javed

In the past few months, Urfi Javed has always been in the public eye because of some of her offbeat and outlandish outfits that have always caught the eye of the public. Now, the influencer has revealed that some of the outfits she wears are causing her personal problems.

In a recent Twitter post, Urfi Javed, a social media star known for her skimpy yet intriguing outfits, revealed a very personal issue that has been bothering her lately. Javed talked about how she has had difficulty finding a home in Mumbai that suits her budget.

Earlier this week, Urfi Javed, one of the top contestants on Bigg Boss OTT, shared via Twitter that she has been experiencing difficulty finding an apartment to rent or a house to rent in Mumbai, as a Muslim woman is not taken seriously by Hindu landlords because of her religion.

“I can’t seem to find an apartment to rent in Mumbai because “Muslim owners don’t want to rent me house cause of the way I dress, and Hindi owners don’t want to rent to me because I am Muslim. Some owners have a problem with the political threats I receive. Finding an apartment in Mumbai is so challenging.”

There has been a lot of debate on Twitter about what she has been facing while apartment shopping in Mumbai and there have been some netizens saying that what she has experienced is “unconstitutional and wrong.” Meanwhile, some netizens have urged her to “dress appropriately” when she meets landlords and looks for houses in Mumbai.

A police summons was issued to Urfi Javed recently in relation to a complaint filed by BJP leader Chitra Wagh against her for “revealing clothing in public”, and the police have decided to investigate. According to Urfi Javed, women used to dress the same way as women in ancient India, and she had slammed Wagh for her complaint on social media.


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