Filmmaker Rahhat Shah Kazmi Acquires Rights to the Book ‘Battle of Ten Kings’ for His Next Big Venture

One of those rarest filmmakers from India, Rahhat Shah Kazmi is known for his international collaborations, working with Oscar winners and Golden Globe winners from across the world. His outstanding talent and caliber were justly awarded in the internationally acclaimed film – Lihaaf Co-Produced by Oscar Winner Marc Baschet!

Now it seems like Rahhat has already jumped into mainstream larger-than-life cinema. He has three big ventures under production; one is a feature film with two mainstream stars and the second is a huge War-based show with one of the top studios of Bollywood!

And now, Rahhat Shah Kazmi has gone a step ahead and has acquired book rights of ‘Battle of Ten Kings’ from Shankar Kashyap, who after over twenty-five years of research on the subject has published the Harappa Trilogy. The third book of the trilogy, Dasharajna -The Battle of ten kings has had raving reviews and received accolades worldwide!

Rahhat opines that this is the ‘India’s Game of Thrones’ as its original Indian story is based on the events described in the seventh book of the Rig Veda about a Mahayuddh (A great war before history) and the reason why he chose to write and direct this mega Web Series is that this shows the glory of Bharata (Vedic India), the world must know about richness and abundance of India in the ancient times! Also, the story is about a massive war between the Ten Kings and King Sudas from Bharata, and how Samrat Sudas won the war of justice in the end!

The author of the book, Shankar Kashyap stated, “This story has been like a part of my life, and I have researched on it around twenty-five years. It is a story that pre-dates the great epics of India – Ramayana and Mahabharat, and essentially forms the basis of the development of the two great epics. Many people from Bollywood had asked me to give them book rights but somehow, I was not convinced with the way they wanted to create it! Finally, my few conversations with Rahhat Kazmi were enough to convince me of his clear and interesting approach to creating this as a global web series and as I know his past works have been awarded and acclaimed globally, I have faith in his approach and abilities! We are working closely together helping Rahhat to adapt this into a screenplay and the work is in full swing.”

Rahhat, then adds that the project is in the development stage and more news about the development of this massive-scale show will be shared soon!


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