“Billion Dollar Code”: A David and Goliath Story

Billion Dollar Code is Netflix’s new installment in the crime and drama genre. It leads the viewers through one of the famous trials in history. A trial which can be directly related to good old story of David and Goliath.

It is the story of two computer pioneers from Berlin, Germany who were allegedly robbed of their own invention, by Google.

The story follows the two protagonists, Carsten Schlüter and Juri Müller, trying to create a piece of art using technology in early 90’s, which was a vision, far ahead of its time. The later came to life in the form of Terra Vision, a program which could be used to visit any place on earth by using algorithms such as variable co-ordinates system, quadtree and by combining the data from millions of maps to provide the most effective experience, which is similar as today’s Google Earth.

It’s a story with natural starting points: two youngsters, an enthralling thought, a tough trip. Be that as it may, the setting, breaking the standard, is Berlin. The time frame? The mid 90s. What’s more, their innovation – Terra Vision, a virtual portrayal of Earth by means of “satellite pictures, flying shots, structural and elevation information” – sits at the crossing point of craftsmanship and innovation. Their organization, ART+COM, plans to fall the world on a PC screen – a world without borders; a world that doesn’t segregate, separate, or threaten.

A two-dimensional story moves the four-section series: Carsten and Juri getting ready for the preliminary with their attorneys, set in the mid-2010s, is the first, while the other portrays their more youthful days, of them making Terra Vision. It’s the second part that is undeniably more convincing on the grounds that it tells a form only occasionally caught in mainstream society: the road obstructions for German tech businessmen after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Billion Dollar Code is a strikingly relevant piece on the grounds that, throughout the most recent quite a long while, Big Tech’s teeth have just increased and more startling. The ‘carport geeks’ of yesterday have turned into the looter aristocrats of today, interfering in races, dehumanizing laborers, selling our information, detaining us in a world that appears to offer no rest or departure. The producers know about this; they (legitimately) mock Google’s proverb, “don’t be evil”, on numerous occasions. The miniseries likewise uncovers that Google has had a long example of patent encroachments. The Billion Dollar Code, then, at that point, bats for ART+COM as well as various little firms that never got their due, that got so thoroughly gulped by the tech behemoth that there is no proof of their stripped down.

Despite of long duration of each episode the show manages to captivate the viewer and you might find yourself binging through the series at once.


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