Actress Kate Sharma Shares Her Mom’s Reactions on seeing her Bikini pictures

Kate Sharma’s social media might be exploding with compliments and praises for her bikini shoots and confidence in sexy clothes but one comment has stood out for her. The actress’s mother had something else to say about seeing her daughter in such delicate scenes and shoots.

Kate shares with us how her mother reacted on seeing her first bikini post ,” Like most moms , my mom too is a little traditional and seeing my first bikini post, her reaction was quite funny actually. She scolded me and said I’ll come right away to knock some sense into you. I could actually feel the heat through the phone. Mom used to think about relatives that what they will think and how they gonna react, But I sat down with her and calmly explained to her about the fashion industry and art and how the World has evolved so much.

And I explained to her it’s not just the outfits but it empowers women in many different ways.
There are two sides of everything so I told her to take it as powerful, brilliant and beautiful. But apart from that, my mother has been quite supportive of me following my dreams and becoming a model and actress. It is really our parent’s prayers that bring us to success. “

Kate has also posted a humorous version of what her mom yelled through the phone in a reel on Instagram and the video is quickly going viral.


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