Actor Divyenndu Sharma, Saurabh Shukla and many others won Golden Jury film festival award 2021-creative platform for all cinema enthusiasts

In 2021, Golden Jury film festival screened 68 films online out of 564 films submitted through film freeway and it gave 18 awards.

Divyenndu Sharma received best male actor award for his film Mere Desh ki dharti. And this film’s director own best director award in feature film catagory. Divyenndu shares,”It’s a great honour to receive the best actor award in a film festival like  “Gooden Jury film festival”. I would love to be a part of the next edition of Golden Jury”

Renowned veteran actors Shishir Sharma and Smita Jaykar were part of our jury member along with National award winner director Gadadhar Puty and theatre personality Ashok Purang.

Saurabh Shukla’s film “The Incomplete Tale of Satyaprakash Paramkovid “ won the best feature film in the festival.  The story depicts a time in which most lives when delusion and reality are at loggerheads, especially when living alone. As they say cities are where we are alone together, here is a film which blurs the lines of real and fantasy in the life of a writer who is working towards a deadline for completing his latest manuscript closing in on him in perhaps the times when he is losing his muse and mind. In the times of a pandemic this only spirals his adventures with his own mind.

Talking about the vision behind this festival, spokesperson Subhranshu Das says,”Golden Jury International Film Festival is designed in Mumbai for filmmakers who would like to present their creative work with an understanding that it is submitted to a jury comprising of Producers, Actor, Cinematographers, filmmakers, independent scriptwriters. As Golden Jury is organized to promote and collaborate with new and established filmmakers from various genres, we’ve kept the entry fee reasonable.”

He adds,”Golden Jury is currently headquartered in Bollywood, Mumbai, India although our International judging panel and support partners are scattered across the globe. Once a year, we  organize the Annual Golden Jury Festival Event where we will screen the best of the final selected as per Golden Jury Procedure out of submissions in a theatrical projector based presentation.”


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