Samikssha Batnagar plays Tabla in her new Web-series for Hungama Play

Samikssha Bhatnagar will be playing the Tabla in her upcoming project for an OTT Portal. The project is called Challava and Samikssha plays someone who is proficient in playing a percussion (Tabla). What’s interesting is that Samikssha is already a trained tabla artist, which caught makers by surprise.

We remember someone like Rishi Kapoor Ji, who played the Tambourine {Dafli} with such conviction and looking at the recent video (Instagram Link), Samikssha is nailing the instrument as that has been part of her instrumental and music training while growing up. She loves arts and music and finds her solace in the musicality. It has been a huge part of her childhood and that will come to the folklore as she shoots for Challava. Glad we got to know this and we got to see interesting bits of her flair.

We spoke to her and asked her about the and how she learnt it and here is what she says “Well, it was at a very young age I learnt the tabla and harmonium (Reed Organ) as part of my classical music and dance training. The tabla has a lovely sound to it and it requires a lot of practice. I didn’t have to go for a formal instrument training as I’ve been training classical music since the age of 3 from my Mom.

They say that no learning ever go waste and here it comes. I could play the tabla for the show Challava. It did come on handy and I just had to get back on rhythm. I have a knack for learning music and new instruments and that continues to this day just that the schedule is much more hectic now and I don’t find enough time to put into it. Love to all. Let’s all get vaccinated when the opportunity comes and be very careful.”

We are eager to see that on celluloid. We wish Samikssha all the luck. She is here to stay and she is make very interesting career choices and forging a path only she is capable of.


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