Sikandar Kher gains 12 kgs for his upcoming American action thriller film Monkey Man

Fitness is a crucial part of an actor’s life these days. They need to look fit and fabulous if you may please. But then there are actors who give a role all they have, discarding myths about the ways an actor should look. We are talking about actors who gain instead of shed their weight for the big screen. Yes, you heard us right. One actor who is currently undergoing this transformation, moving on from his lean physique to a bulkier self is none other than Sikandar Kher who is gearing up for his role in his Hollywood debut, Monkey Man.

Speaking about his huge transformation Sikandar says, ”Monkey Man is the biggest opportunity being thrown at me. It is one step ahead to reach out to a completely new audience. I wanted to give it my all. My part in the film requires a bulky figure and I have worked very hard to alter my structure to suit the role. An actor is only as good as his films. That’s it. Life’s thrown this huge opportunity towards me and I am working very hard to stay true to the character. My reel life characters have been very personal for me. I try to look like them, think like them and act like them. It won’t be wrong to say I like to get under the skin of every role that comes my way. Obviously the change is a gradual process but then I feel confident now, confident enough to tell you that my part in Monkey Man is who I am at the moment.

Monkey Man is an upcoming American action thriller film written by Paul Angunawela, John Collee and Dev Patel, who is also the director of the film.


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