Welcome to my ramblings in “Life as I see it”.  In this, I will be talking about the world as I see it, experience it, feel it. And trust me, I have such diverse views that even I am surprised at myself. I am, in reality an extraordinarily ordinary person.

Now you might think, why do I need to read her, when my life itself is showing me so many colors… Or some of you may be really tied up that reading another long post might be time consuming for you. But trust me, we are going to have good conversation as every post of mine, I would like you guys to give your opinions and your comments so that I can pick it up in my next blog. This is going to be space for sharing our views without any judgement or biases., so that we unload a little bit of mental load at least.

Iam not going to scare you by saying I will write every week or every month or blah blah. This is going to be most undisciplined regular work (yes, I know opposing words😊). And we open this section today on World Mental Health Day, to ask you what according to you are the factors troubling us:

  • Trust Issues
  • Perspective Issues
  • Self Confidence Issues.

So, hope you enjoy and welcome us with open arms and lots of comments


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