Mental Load

You know when was I was in my late twenties, I always used to be bogged down with 2Ws, Work and Worry. Work because I used to work in Media organisation and worry because I always used to carry mental load, not to mention the physical load as I was weighing around 90kgs at that time.

At that time, I didn’t realise or didn’t classify it as mental load but rather thought that it was a unique affliction, only to me. The fear of people’s opinion, the need for their acceptance and stamp of approval to my actions/my life., these were just the tip of the load., not to mention the huge imposter syndrome.

Now, after two decades I realise that it goes by the moniker “Mental Load” and totally unnecessary to live your life.  I spoilt many a situation with my load and didn’t enjoy the moments which could have been enjoyed.

This post is not to seek therapy but to say, I have crossed the bridge and trust me, nobody is interested in what we do or in our existence. And people opinion, do they matter? Yes, they might seem at that moment but it depends on how much the person is important to lead your life.

Acquaintances, Colleagues, Friends, Family., each one of these categories has got people in it who are transient to your life cycle., hence don’t be bogged down with their perspective or their judgement.

Don’t be apologetic if you are not wrong, just walk away if you feel the situation doesn’t warrant your justification.

This is my life story, wherein I realized after so many years that people’s opinion are based on the current situation and their perspective and the view they see are from their side of the fence, that doesn’t mean you are not right or you don’t have a right to be happy.

Ensure your life is like Bhel (An Indian chaat which has got puffed rice with different spices and groundnut and boiled nuts with tomatoes, onion etc.), for the main ingredient in it is puffed rice, (in your life, it should be you)., the spices should be your immediate friends and family (family either[sr1]  parents/ spouse)., the other ingredients should be other people in your life, whose presence will enhance the taste but won’t be the deciding factor

What am I rambling, well to tell you that don’t give people more importance than you give yourself. Love and respect yourself first and then balance give it to people who actually respect you as a human being. You will see yourself becoming lighter in heart and body and you will have a lesser load on your mind.

By Sudha Rao



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