I breathe Music and my destiny to be a musician says Singer Eshaan Sahney

1.How did you get into the music?

Our family is into Music since generations . My great grandfather,  My Grandfather – THE MUSIC MOGUL Prof. Tej Bahadur Sahney , my dad , my chacha , my brother everyone . It was destiny to be a musician . I breathe Music

2. How did your family react when they heard that you wanted to pursue your career as a singer?

 They were worried at first as Entertainment Industry is very u stable.  Then Mata Rani started Blessing me and things started changing for me Magically . Now thet are relaxed and content . I always see a smile on their faces when they see me on TV or hear my Songs on Radio. 

3. What’s your take on the increasing influence of Punjabi pop in Bollywood music?

Yeh toh hona hi tha sooner or later . I have lived and travelled almost every part of the country. People Love Punjabi Songs & Punjabi Beats , even if they are unable to understand the language.  I have been to many places where people can not even speak Hindi properly but still they love punjabi songs only because of the beats and music. So it’s Obvious , Punjabi songs are dominating in Bollywood .

4. Item songs are becoming important. They are mostly jarring and not original and, at times, vulgar as well. What’s your take on them?

Personally speaking , I hate item songs. I don’t even know why they are even called item songs . They literally convert a wonderful song into a Dance Bar song including the Vulgar Lyrics and Choreography. 

5. What are your upcoming projects?

Working on many projects with Tseries and Other things in the Pipeline . Let it be a surprise for now …

6. What advice you would like to give the people who want to pursue their career in Music?

It’s a very expensive business to be very honest . Think ten times before u chose music as ur career because only talent will not take u everywhere . Make a plan , Prepare for it , only then take the final decision about this career. There are many singers with magical voice , still they stand no where due to lack of finance . Destiny also plays an important role . You can always try your luck. You never know what’s gonna happen .

7. Where do you see yourself in next 5 yrs?

Every kid , every man , every woman singing songs . Even participants in reality shows should chose my songs to sing .


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