I think one of the most Important things between bollywood and hollywood industries is equality says Actress Tina Desai

Q1. “Mumbai Diaries” is receiving praise from all over the place. So how are you enjoying this phase?

It is important for one to advance in their career. There are some circumstances in which several projects, despite of their overall performance, gets appreciated for some individual elements such as set design or sound design, but that was not the case with Mumbai Diaries. Along with the show’s overall success, each department has also received appraisal, whether it be camera, lighting, set design, actors, casting, etc. I think in my career I have been on screen for about 7 years, and it is very important for people to see me on Indian screen, so that they can realize that I am free to work again.

Q2.  According to you, what are the major differences that exists between both Bollywood and Hollywood?

Based on my experience, I think that one of the Important things which differs between both industries is equality. You will be treated equally whether you are an actor, a camera person, or an errand person. Every member of the team works together, eats together, and have fun together. In Bollywood, I haven’t worked yet with some big names in the industry such as, Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan, so I can’t relate to that situation, but when you work with big stars in Hollywood it is easier to approach them. Apart from this, some other things are the budget and the mood of the director. If the budget is not an issue, then the shoot is done smoothly without any major restrictions. On the other hand, the mood of the director dictates the mood of the unit and the overall work experience.

Q3.  Now, since your next project is GILT (Indian adaptation), have you put your other international projects on hold?

Well, after “Senses”, I haven’t worked in west, although I keep on giving auditions and luckily, that industry have also opened for me. I have worked in India and abroad and I like to work in both the industries. India is my country, and my culture so it is a little bit easier for me to understand the plot, characters and the references used. But I have to put a little bit of more effort while working in the west. This combination of different cultures helps me keep an open and active mind. Both the industries are facing an OTT boom and many films and shows are being created in both industries, so I am looking forward to work in both industries and hope to maintain balance in the future.

Q4. Speaking of GILT, have you seen the original drama?

Yes, I have watched the show and I love its premise along with the characters, especially mine. And the fact that PBC is relinked to it adds more reliability to it and I am very happy to do something like that in India. I am naturally gravitated towards twisted characters, so when something like that comes my way, I immediately accept it

Q5. Could you shed a little bit of light on the character which you are playing, as you are leading the show.

Correct, but I think it would be too soon to talk about the character or its relationship with the story, as it could put me in trouble. Maybe in near future we would talk again about this.

Q6. What about the shooting schedule for GILT?

The show has already been completed its production stage and I believe now it is post-production stage.

Q7. Did you feel any pressure while playing the lead role?

The way in which I perform the mental attitude with which I face the character, doesn’t allow me to be nervous or feel any pressure, because it just doesn’t suit me. The way I approach my characters comes from a place of confidence and assurance, because if I think if I am nervous while playing a character, I won’t be able to do a good job. So, I make sure that whenever I read a script, I must resonate with my character, so, at the time when someone approaches me with a character to play, if I am not able to connect to the character, I don’t accept the role.

Q8. Are there any other projects which you currently working on in Hindi cinema?

I have completed shooting of another film, but I can’t reveal anything about that now.


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