Pawan Singh and Sonu Nigam new Bhojpuri Chhath Geet 2021

Sonu Nigam And Pawan Singh New Bhojpuri Song 2021: Sonu Nigam and Pawan Singh’s new Bhojpuri Chhath song 2021 (Bhojpuri Chhath song 2021) has been released. The Bhojpuri song ‘Jai Chhathi Maiya’ is sung by Pawan Singh, Sonu Nigam and Khushboo Jain. This song has been released on I Believe Music YouTube channel. Sonu Nigam the famous singer of Bollywood has sung the song of Chhathi Maiya for the first time.

The lyrics of the song ‘Jai Ho Chhath Maiya’ has been written by Arun Bihari, while the music is given by Chhote Baba. Made under the direction of Chhote Baba. Although every song of Pawan Singh and Sonu Nigam is different, but this song of Chhathi Mayya is the most different and new ever.People are liking Pawan Singh and Sonu Nigam’s Chhathi Maiya special Bhojpuri song. This song has become viral as soon as it is released on YouTube.


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