Spanish actor Gabriel Guevara has been charged with sexual assault.

Gabriel Guevara, a Spanish actor best known for the ‘My Fault’ teenage movie series on Amazon Prime, was detained at the Venice Film Festival on charges of sexual assault.

He was there for the Ve Nice Film Festival since he was scheduled to receive the Filming Italy Prize there. As a result of the arrest, the Venice Festival released the following statement: The Biennale hereby clarifies that Gabriel Guevara’s presence in Venice was not connected to any activities or productions associated with the 80th Venice International Film Festival in response to news reports that have been appearing on various websites about the Spanish actor being detained in Venice.

For an alleged sexual assault in France, the actor had an active international warrant against him. While the festival organizers have denied that the actor had any connection to the famous event, the actor was apprehended by police while attending the festival.


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